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Welcome to the real world, would you like a new identity?

Graduate college? Check. Start a full-time job? Check. Buy 3 new iPhones from Verizon and a laptop from Best Buy? Check, apparently.

Here’s how I managed the fallout from my stolen identity.


Brett Kavanaugh and the power of private education

Ever wondered what men like Brett Kavanaugh were like as high school boys? They behave pretty much exactly as you’d expect they would… but it’s been like that for decades. From the perspective of someone who grew up on the fringe of the same social circles, this piece outlines the ways and reasons that there has always been a tremendous amount of privilege and protection associated with private school education.


Meet the new Student Government President and Vice President

The front page story of this Flyer News issue introduces the newly elected student body President and Vice President as well as reviews their goals for the upcoming school year.